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Perfect Welding


A MIG/MAG welding system for all applications

The TPS/i is one of the most advanced welding systems with a stunning level of performance that will satisfy the most demanding requirements. The intelligent welding system is suitable for both manual and automated use. Its modular design and easy expandability enable the TPS/i to be configured to suit individual requirements. In addition, its extensive communication features ensure significant efficiency gains and excellent welding results with unalloyed, low- or high-alloy steels and aluminum.


The TPS/i is available with gas or water cooling in the 270 A, 320 A, 400 A, 500 A and 600 A power categories.

The advantages at a glance

Highlights of the TPS/i

The comprehensive features of TPS/i offer many advantages to make your daily routine easier. The high levels of performance and reliability allow for greater productivity, resulting in shorter cycle times.

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The TPS/i models

Welding machines

Compact welding systems: TPS/i 270 C and TPS/i 320 C

In compact units in the lower power categories, the wirefeeder is integrated directly into the housing of the welding system. As a result, the devices are easier to use, especially for manual welding tasks, and suitable for mobile applications.

More about the TPS/i Compact
Welding machines

Welding systems with external wirefeeders: TPS/i 320 / 400 / 500 / 600

The split welding systems are designed for static use and ensure easy access. The external wirefeeder can also be used in mobile applications. Depending on the chosen hosepack, a working radius of up to 30 m is possible.

More about the split TPS/i

The advantages of manual welding

TPSi handling

Easy to use

The innovative touch display enables all welding parameters to be set quickly and easily. The menu navigation is available in 32 languages and features an intuitive user interface. The TPS/i allows you to store up to 1000 jobs – i.e., the predefined welding parameters for the task in hand. These can be called up in a few simple steps and offer the option to access special welding task-related parameter assignments.

Tpsi welding

Top weld properties for all applications

The target of every welder? The perfect weld. With well over 500 characteristics and a wide range of welding processes, TPS/i meets the individual requirements of our customers, resulting in exceptionally high weld seam quality.

Thanks to its modular design and customized software packages (Welding Packages), TPS/i can be easily adapted to individual welding requirements. Standard or Pulse are available as basic packages, while for particularly demanding welding tasks we recommend the additional LSC, PMC, or CMT Welding Packages.

Welding Packages - The ultimate in flexibility

Depending on the welding requirement, various software packages, known as Welding Packages, can be installed on the TPS/i. These range from the entry-level package to a high-end solution. If the welding requirements change, the TPS/i can be easily upgraded as required with the “PMC” pulse process or other variants.


The Standard package includes the dip transfer arc and the spray arc. Easy to use and suitable across the entire performance spectrum of unalloyed, low- and high-alloy materials.


The Pulse package from Fronius facilitates pulsed arc welding. This guarantees low levels of spattering as well as a variable working range (light gage to thick gage sheets).

LSC - Low Spatter Control

LSC is a MIG/MAG welding process with high arc stability and reduced spattering in the dip transfer arc. In addition, the penetration stabilizer enables constant penetration in the spray arc, regardless of any possible stick out change. More about LSC

PMC - Pulse Multi Control

PMC is a modified pulsed arc used in MIG/MAG welding. It utilizes penetration and arc length stabilizers to guarantee both higher weld seam quality and faster welding speeds. More about PMC


TPS/i Steel Edition

If only steel is being welded and the full range of TPS/i characteristics are not required, the “Steel Edition” is the best choice. With more than 100 characteristics from the Standard and Pulse Welding Packages, the TPS/i Steel Edition is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the steel sector. The result: a TPS/i for the steel market at a cost-optimized price that also includes the Pulse function.
Learn more about the Steel Edition
Welding machine

Robotic welding with the TPS/i

The TPS/i is modular and can therefore be integrated very easily into various robotic welding systems. The system setup supports customer-specific configurations, such as Push or PushPull solutions. Optional system add-ons include torch cleaning devices and automated torch replacement.

Advantages of robotic welding

Optimum support

A wide range of robotic assistance systems lightens the workload in industrial production. The use of our WireSense, TeachMode, TouchSensing, and SeamTracking assistance systems results in higher weld seam quality, reducing rework by up to 100%. This minimizes interventions in the automated production process and results in significant efficiency gains.

Huge increase in efficiency

The mechanized application area of TPS/i is wide-ranging. Although cycle times are usually of enormous importance in the automotive and its sub-supplier sectors, it’s the performance of the welding system itself that is much more critical in heavy steel construction. Whether it’s speed in aluminum light gage applications or higher deposition rates in steel construction, the various versions of the TPS/i system provide precisely those features that deliver customer-specific efficiency improvements.

Our software solutions - the perfect complement

The software applications we offer in the area of data management make the everyday life of the welder and welding coordinator much easier and more efficient. In addition to the perfect welding result, these applications provide reliable data documentation and help determine the optimum welding parameters.

WeldCube Premium

Transparency and safety, but also productivity and time savings, are common requirements in welding production. The recording of welding data for documentation and analysis purposes can be of invaluable assistance; and is precisely where the WeldCube welding data management software comes to the fore. The premium version provides you with a convenient, centrally located data documentation resource with intelligent management, statistical, and analysis functions, including graphical evaluations. To WeldCube Premium

WeldConnect app

WeldConnect makes it easy for welders to find the right parameters for their manual welding task. The app helps determine the correct settings at every step and allows the stored welding parameters to be transmitted wirelessly to the connected welding system. It can also be used to scan the part, series, and weld seam numbers for component-specific data documentation and perform user identification with NFC-enabled cellphones. To the WeldConnect app

Central User Management

Central User Management provides quick and simple user administration, replacing a separate set-up directly on each device and thus saving a lot of time. It then becomes a simple matter to automatically transfer user rights to new devices. To Central User Management


SmartManager is a web-based solution that allows you to access TPS/i data documentation from a web browser. The data is recorded locally on the device and made available via WeldCube Light and Basic. All settings can be made on the PC and, if necessary, exported or imported.


Our API is an interface solution that enables data to be exchanged with other systems. This means that you can easily access the data on our welding systems and create detailed analyzes, evaluations, and visualizations using your own software packages. TPS/i supports the OPC-UA and MQTT protocols and is able to supply live data. To API

The right welding torch for every application

Tpsi torch
Every welding application is different and requires the right torch. Whether difficult to access parts or long distances from the welding system to the workpiece, Fronius equipment covers an extremely wide range of situations. Hosepack lengths of up to 16 meters and torch bodies in different lengths and angles simplify everyday working life and give welders the flexibility they need. To the MIG/MAG torches

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